Parenting with the Holy Spirit: Heavenly Ideas

Hello! In my last post I talked how the Holy Spirit longs to encourage us and give us wisdom. If you missed it, you can catch up here, Parenting with the Holy Spirit, Heavenly Encouragement (part 2) . God wants to partner with you. He wants to give you heavenly ideas to reach your child. … Continue reading Parenting with the Holy Spirit: Heavenly Ideas

Encouragement: Making an Impact with a Simple Sentence

A few months ago my family and I had the privilege of meeting up with beautiful friends from overseas. We met for lunch; them and their two sweet girls and John and I and our boys. As most "mom" conversations go, it was fun, crazy, a bit chaotic and seemed schizophrenic at times. Who can relate? Haha. You know the biggest thing I took away from that lunch?

Parenting with the Holy Spirit (Part 2): Heavenly Encouragement

In my last post I introduced what my world has been like with my super fun two year old. Ha-Ha. Thankfully the Holy Spirit has stuck with me and been the best support I could have asked for as a parent. Literally some days I would just ask Him, "Am I a bad mother? Am I doing it wrong?...