About the Author

I’m a momma who loves her family and is pursuing Jesus. My husband and I have been married just over five years and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else. He is such a kind, strong, loyal and a man full of integrity, and of course it goes without saying he is a lover of Jesus. We have two boys, Uriah, who will be 3 years in June and Isaac who was born last October. They are the little loves of my life. I never knew being a parent could be so much fun. They both are so smart, sweet and full of joy.
My favorite color is a tie between pink, green and blue. Although I really love yellow too.
My comfort food is Mongolian Beef and Thai coconut chicken soup. Yum.
Activities I enjoy are working out, running, racing, hiking, kayaking, reading, obviously writing & sharing the gospel in whatever way I can.
If you are a momma reading this, I just want to encourage you that you can pursue your dreams in God and still love your family. It doesn’t have to be either/or, although sometimes it can feel that way. Hopefully my posts encourage you to go after God and bring your family along the journey. You don’t have to give up your dreams in God just because you are raising little disciples. In fact, that is more of a reason TO bring them on the journey. 🙂

Why I chose the name Soaring Higher 
I am probably one of the most Patriotic people you’ll ever meet. I LOVE FOURTH OF JULY! Any one who knows me, knows this is my favorite holiday. I love all things Red, White and Blue, stars, or general American history/patriotism related. I LOVE AMERICA!
When my family and I lived in Australia, I would continually receive prophetic words about being an eagle. To some this wouldn’t mean much, to me it was a symbol of being an American, one of strength, beauty, dignity and power. One of the words was about an eagle (me), flying high around a mountain and as it circled it kept going higher and higher.
God wants all of us to soar higher in Him! I hope my blogs will encourage you to do so!


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