Joy in God’s Presence

Psalms 21:6
You give him blessings forever; You cheer him with joy in your presence“. HCSB

C H E E R-  (1) Give comfort or support to. (2) Shout for joy or in praise or encouragement.

For you have made him most blessed forever; You have made him exceedingly glad with Your presence”.  NKJV

G L A D- The feeling of pleasure/happiness.

I just love how these two verses communicate what takes place in the presence of God. He “cheers” us up! He takes our sadness and gives us joy! (Psalm 30:11)
He cheers us on! When we feel discouraged or weary, resting in His presence and allowing Him to speak words of life to us, revitalizes our soul.

God’s presence alone makes us happy. Let this be the truth of our daily walk in Christ, that being with Christ Jesus makes us exceedingly glad. The joy of our salvation is reason enough to be exceedingly glad.

When we encounter God, we may have many different feelings attached: freedom, peace, love, or comfort, but one feeling that is always present when we experience God’s presence is gladness. I’ve never walked away from being in the presence of God and thought, “Man, I’m not happy I met with Jesus today”. No! The complete opposite happens. When I sit in God’s presence and marinate in His love, I become more and more like Him.
                                                                                                    joyful God

I think we often forget that, myself included. Sometimes I get so caught up in the seriousness of my walk with Christ, that I forget that God is a joyful God, and He wants me to walk in the fullness of that Joy.

Psalm 16:11
You will make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; in your right hand is pleasures ever more.”

If you have been in a dry season or just feeling weary,  begin praying Psalm 51:12 over yourself, “Restore to me the joy of my salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit“. There is nothing more powerful than praying scripture back to God. The Word of God truly is living and active; something supernatural takes place when we begin praying God’s Word over our lives and situations.

I love how refreshed and loved I feel every time I walk away from sitting in His presence. What is it about being in God’s presence that makes you happy?

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If you need some joy, this song is sure to bring some warmth to your day! 🙂

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