“Oh the places you’ll go!”

This year has been a different season for me. I’ve been full on stay at home mom. I delivered our son, John Isaac, three weeks ago and while I am so elated to have a new little one, I’ve also had to sort through feelings of being stuck or stagnant in my own personal life.

Any one else feel like they’ve had to give up their dreams (whether temporarily or permanently) to care for their household? If that’s you, you’re not alone.

I know I am right where I need to be. God has encouraged me the whole time letting me know in various ways that my family is in His will and things will move along in His timing. But, I am a go-getter and what feels like “sitting” or “waiting” can frustrate me. The Holy Spirit is such a good friend though and is so good at reminding me that He has plans for me and my family. My life won’t consist of poopy diapers and spit up decorated shirts forever. He often reminds me that it’s a season and one I need to enjoy, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. He lets me know He is in control of my future. He doesn’t miss a thing and He knows my heart cries out for more.

                               oh the places

I saw a quote from Jim Baker the other day that says,
        “Jesus is so committed to fulfilling your destiny that He sent the Holy Spirit
personally mentor you.”
I am so thankful that Jesus is committed to me and for the Holy Spirit!

A few days ago I was on face book looking at travel photos of several friends and family members on my news feed. I was dreaming of traveling, when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!”
The Holy Spirit is so full of encouragement. Especially to the weary, worn out soul. What a treat to this sleep deprived mama; that I am not forgotten, that He has an adventure ahead of me yet.

Whether its physical places, spiritual places or both, the Holy spirit longs to take you on an adventure! He longs to take you deeper into His heart and fulfill your hearts dreams and desires…after all, chances are He put them in your heart in the first place.
I’m reminded of the verse, “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4.
•The key ingredient is delighting in the Lord.
• D E L I G H T : A high degree of gratification
or pleasure. Extreme satisfaction.

We can trust God with our future.

Sometimes I grab our passports and set them before me and begin praying and thanking God for the places we will go and share the gospel. I start naming countries and sometimes the Holy Spirit surprises me and slips in countries, I never would have thought of or quite frankly have no desire to go to. Sometimes I put on worship songs and thank Him for His promises and that they are “Yes! and Amen!”.

Whatever it is, whether it’s traveling, being a married or becoming a parent, having a certain job, let us first be satisfied in the Father, delighting in His goodness. Know that you can trust Him with your future, because He is good and faithful and will fulfill your hearts desires. It’s a promise. You can take it to the heavenly bank and cash it in.
He’s already fulfilled so many promises to me, I look forward to seeing Him fulfill so many more.

If you need a good worship song to encourage you in God’s promises, this is one of my favorites. Yes and Amen – Pat Barret

Thank You Jesus for your plans and purposes for each of our lives. I thank you that we can trust you and that you will fulfill each dream and desire that you’ve put into our hearts, that nothing is too big for you. I thank you that you are faithful and ALL YOUR PROMISES ARE YES AND AMEN. Bless each and every person who is reading this, Father. I pray they grow closer to you with each passing day. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Photo cred: Paige Firnberg


2 thoughts on ““Oh the places you’ll go!”

  1. Ah, I love this, Cait! And I’m right there with you except on the single side of life. 😉 Funny — the Holy Spirit whispered the same to me recently! “Oh the places you’ll go, and the people you’ll see, transferring and transplanting pieces of Me.” Love you!


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